5 Questions to Ask Your Digital Strategist

5 Questions to Ask Your Digital Strategist

5 Questions to Ask Your Digital Strategist

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How do you know your strategy is worth the investment? It's starts with asking the right questions first. Here's what you need to ask any digital strategist.

With small businesses spending at least half their marketing budget on digital marketing, there's a lot of money being invested in digital strategy. But most companies who hire someone for a digital strategy don't know how to measure their own success. How can you tell if the money you're spending for a digital strategist is worth it if you don't know when it's working.

It often comes down to asking the right questions of your strategist when they're forming your strategy. Once you know what you're looking for, you can follow up with them regularly to ensure those monthly checks are adding up to something.

If you're a new business or new to digital strategy, you may not even know what to ask during your first meeting with a digital strategist. Here are the 5 questions that you must ask your strategist.

1. What Happens If We Don't Hire You?

This gets everyone in the room to face reality. Perhaps there are people on your team skeptical of the worth of spending thousands on a digital strategy when you seem to be doing just fine.

This question allows your digital strategy to give concrete examples of what they can offer. Likely they've taken a look at your company and checked out your online presence. More than often, they can rattle off a list of changes that you need to make to stay competitive in a changing market.

If this doesn't win hearts and minds in your meeting, then you need to go another direction.

2. What Is Our Goal?

Together, you need to be able to answer this question, even if you don't know the answer walking into the room. Perhaps you want to get more customers but the greatest value an online resource could play is to troubleshoot your product.

A better online presence could offer resources to help customers understand more uses of your product beyond the one thing they all seem to use it for. You could expand your customer based and the longevity of your product by exploring your goals.

Customer expectations and experiences are changing as technology changes. You should be prepared by knowing where you're headed and how you get there.

3. How Do We Measure Success?

Your digital strategist should be able to list ways that you can understand your success through their strategy. It may not be immediate profit. It may not be a larger customer base.

If you don't like the answer, ask more questions. Perhaps there are other changes you need to make to achieve the success you're looking for.

4. What Are Our Resources?

Think outside of the box. Beyond your finances and product life, you may have human resources that could help develop your digital strategy.

Perhaps you have someone on sales who has a great background in copywriting or communications. They could be transferred to another role, working on your social media presence while sales are slow.

You can develop long-lasting policies and powerful enterprise concepts by allowing your staff to participate in the planning process.

5. Who Are We Trying To Connect With?

Many companies want to claim that their services and products are for everyone. While this might be a tempting thought, there is an ideal customer out there.

Being able to manipulate the data and research you've collected over time, even just through sales records, means you can pinpoint the right customer for you. Focus on them and you'll build invaluable loyalty.

Hiring a Digital Strategist Can Open New Doors

If you've never had a strong digital strategy, developing one for the first time can be challenging and complicated. Just as growing can be hard, so can stretching into new territory.

If you're ready to start growing your business with a strong digital strategy, contact us to get started today.


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